Who we are

We are a Tanzanian family passionate about our country and heritage who want to help tourists to discover Tanzania. Come to join us and enjoy the beauty that can only be experienced here! We will help you to organize a trip of a lifetime designed personally for you.

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Meet our team

Martha & Daniel


What makes us special

Local Expert Guides

Our licensed local guides make sure you have an unforgettable experience, while providing you with incredible insights that will bring the trip alive.

Handpicked Adventures

Our small team members will use their extensive knowledge to completely customzie your expedition to match your interests and preferences. 

Hidden Gem Destinations 

Break free from the beaten path and discover all the hidden gems only the locals know about.



What They’re Saying About Their Experiences


Mariana G.

Martha and Daniel made everything in our holidays so smooth and easy. We arranged with them the treck to climb Kilimanjaro, which was amazing. The level of organization of the guides an porters was absolutely impressive. Baraka, Regis and Ibrahim (our guides) made us feel safe all the time. It is a tough journey but is word every step. The amazing cook and team make sure you are well fed so you can make it to the top.
After the 7 day treck, we went for a 2 day Safari, which was also very well organized. With a very comfortable camping area that included beds and internet. The guides are really knowledgable in the wild life you observe during the trip and give you interesting details.
Martha and Daniel made sure that we could enjoy those amazing tours even during this very difficult times for traveling. We needed to get a Covid PCR test, and Martha helped us with the process to make sure the results would be ready when I came back from the Safari just to go to the airport.
Both of them are lovely people, who are much more than just a Tour company, they become your friends.
I would not recomend any other way of doing any of these activities. Simply amazing