Have you ever thought about climbing the Mt. Kilimanjaro ?

It may seem like a crazy idea if you haven't thought about it before. But in reality, climbing Kilimanjaro is accessible to everyone, whether you are a sportsman or not ! What is important to succeed is the will. And what could be more crazy and motivating than to be on the roof of Africa ? You will find here all the necessary information to organize your trip on the highest mountain of the continent !

How many days does it take to climb it ?

It depends on your objective and your physical condition. The most popular ascents are between 5 and 7 days, depending on the route taken and the number of acclimatization days chosen. For more details on the routes click here: (put link of our site)

What is the necessary budget ?

It all depends on the duration of your ascent. On average, count 1500$ for the ascent, without counting the purchase of the necessary material nor the tips for the accompanying team. For the latter, count about 150/200$ (they are officially voluntary but strongly recommended, because local salaries are very low and a very small part of the 1500$ initially paid goes to them in reality).

Do I have to be an expert in hiking to climb it ?

No, not at all ! That's part of what makes it so popular to climb this mountain. Indeed, there is no glacier to cross and the snowy part is small, which makes the crossing accessible to many people. The walk is technically easy, just some days can be quite long, so you need to have a minimum good physical condition (without having to be a great sportsman!).

What equipment is needed ?

Waterproof tent

Sleeping bag

Hiking boots

Warm under pants (long wool) and under t-shirts.

Warm jacket


Rain pants

Hiking warm socks

Backpack with rain proof cover


Head flashlight

Hiking poles.

How is the ascent ?

The ascent of Kilimanjaro is a trek of about 40 km. The days are divided into walks of 4 to 7 hours depending on your pace, with 1200 meters of positive altitude difference. Except for the day of the ascent where it is necessary to count 9 to 13 hours of walk, always according to your level. For more details click here : put link of our website

How to prepare for the ascent ?

You can prepare yourself by jogging, or cycling to work on your endurance. Also, take some walks of varying lengths because walking works different muscle groups than running or biking ! Push your personal limits from time to time to increase your starting level. Then, if possible, also try to walk at least half a day in the weeks before your Kilimanjaro expedition to get your body used to it.

When to climb ?

The best time to climb Kilimanjaro is from July to October or in January and February to avoid the rainy seasons.


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Image by Sergey Pesterev
Image by Kristoffer Darj